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Get Your House Ready To Sell This Winter

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 13, 2019

Some Highlights

Winter is a great time to list a house, since inventory is traditionally low, and most sellers are holding off until spring to put their homes on the market.
Waiting for warmer weather when more competition is on the market will only…

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Holiday Gifts Are Not the Only Hot Things Right Now

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 12, 2019

Holiday Gifts Are Not the Only Hot Things Right Now | Simplifying The MarketBlack Friday is behind us and holiday gifts are flying off the shelves in stores and online. Unlike last year, however, there’s another type of buyer that is very active this winter – the homebuyer. Each month, ShowingTime releases their Showing Index, which tracks the average number of appointments received on active U.S. house listings. […]

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Have You Outgrown Your Home?

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 11, 2019

Have You Outgrown Your Home? | Simplifying The MarketIt may seem hard to imagine that the home you’re in today – whether it’s your starter home or just one you’ve fallen in love with along the way – might not be your forever home. The good news is, it’s okay to admit if your house no longer fits your needs. According to the […]

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A 365 Day Difference in Homeownership

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 10, 2019

A 365 Day Difference in Homeownership | Simplifying The MarketOver the past year, mortgage rates have fallen more than a full percentage point. This is a great driver for homeownership, as today’s low rates provide consumers with some significant benefits. Here’s a look at three of them: Refinance: If you already own a home, you may want to decide if you’re going to refinance. […]

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Have You Budgeted for Closing Costs?

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 9, 2019

Have You Budgeted for Closing Costs? | Simplifying The MarketSaving for a down payment is a key step in the homebuying process, and it’s not the only piece you need to include in your budget. Another factor that’s important to plan for is the closing costs required to obtain a mortgage. What Are Closing Costs? According to Trulia, “When you close on a home, a […]

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Millennials Are on the Move as First-Time Homebuyers [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 6, 2019

Is Your First Home Now Within Your Grasp? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Simplifying the Market

Some Highlights:

  • According to NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the median age of all first-time homebuyers is 32.
  • With more millennials entering a homebuying phase of life, they are driving a large portion of the buyer appetite in the market, keeping buyer activity strong.
  • More and more “old millennials” (ages 25-36) are realizing that homeownership is now within their grasp, and they’re actively dominating the first-time homebuyer market!
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What is the Best Investment for Americans?

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 5, 2019

What is the Best Investment for Americans? | Simplifying The MarketSome are reporting that there is trepidation regarding the real estate market in the United States. Apparently, the American people are quite comfortable., a major network helping homeowners with their renovation projects, recently conducted a survey which asked Americans: “What do you believe is the safest investment over the next 10 years?” U.S. housing […]

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Is A Bigger House Within Your Budget?

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 4, 2019

Is A Bigger House Within Your Budget? | Simplifying The MarketAt this time of year, many families come together to celebrate the season. It’s also the time when many realize their homes are just not quite big enough to host all of their guests and loved ones. Are you one of those homeowners dreaming for a larger space to call home? You may have enough […]

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It’s ‘National Roof Over Your Head’ Day!

By Ajeenah Crittendon | Dec 3, 2019

It’s ‘National Roof Over Your Head’ Day! | Simplifying The MarketDid you know that each year in the United States, we celebrate “National Roof Over Your Head Day” on December 3rd? As noted on the National Calendar, it was “created as a day to be thankful for what you have, starting with the roof over your head. There are many things that we have that […]

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